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VF8 Loganにより編集済み: 10/3/2019 3:30:24 AM

Wrong Characters Transfered...

So back whenever we were first able to cross save I added all my accounts into my bungie account, i used to play on ps4 and xbox, and now I'm on steam as I made the switch to the master race. I set my xbox account to be my main account since it has all my important gear on it and now my ps4 account is my main account? I don't want to unlink it though because then I'll have to wait 3 months to set the main one as my xbox account again. I am worried I won't be playing d2 for another 3 months as I won't have the right characters. Could you guys either make the xbox account primary or make it so that you can unlink and relink once for free without a 90 day cooldown? I'm just gonna play good ol' WoW til the character transfer issues get worked out. EDIT: The plot thickens i tried undoing the cross save and now have a 90 day wait until I can redo it simply because the wrong account became the main account. Bungie support is probably swamped with Shadowkeep out and all but please get back to me when possible. Don't worry you've got 3 months to reply...



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