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Dyf91により編集済み: 10/3/2019 1:15:19 AM

Triumps or Campaign bugged

Just came back to D2 with the Steam Launch. Last time I played was before Forsaken and I had, as far as I can recall, completed all the campaigns. So I logged on to see what had changed and got directed to the Triumphs (they're like achievements I guess?) and had to click on them all. The only issue is it is claiming I haven't finished the Warmind campaign, specifically the last two missions (Strange Terrain and Will of the Thousands) and so I can't redeem the Triumphs for them. I've gone all over Mars and I have no campaign missions to do, just the exotic diary ones, and when I press E in the directory the only main mission I have is directing me to Shadowkeep. Does anyone know how to get the game to recognise I have finished the campaign? Or if I haven't actually finished it how do I access these missions? (unlikely) the only things I have on Mars are the Exotic quests that come afterwards. Not a huge issue but it's just frustrating as I want to have everything "completed" before I move onto Forsaken and Shadowkeep. Edit: I have the Strange Terrain and Will of the Thousands unlocked as Strikes, which means I have completed the missions so it seems to be a bug with the Triumphs



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