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10/2/2019 6:18:52 AM

No DLC sharing on PS4

We are really pissed off. As it was untill today whenever my husband bought DLC or season pass I could use it too. It appears you have changed the way this works rather shady not informing about that fact in the game. I have no access to the Shadowkeep storyline, nor the Moon location. My husband [b]bought season pass just for me, on his account.[/b] We have spent the money for nothing. No one will play it. Do you see the issue now? Every other PS4 game works this way, sharing. I have played Forsaken, and I had Access to Forsakens Season Pass. Greedy, greedy you've become. [b]Give our money back then!!![/b] Guess it is farawell Bungie, the [b]new Activision in the game.[/b]



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