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10/2/2019 2:23:06 AM

Xb1 Active clan Cult of Tr3-VR recruiting for SHADOWKEEP

Greetings! This is the Cult of Tr3-vr an Xbox one clan for Destiny 2. We do not ask for try-outs. All we ask, is that you are 18 and older, use discord to communicate with us (trust me, it makes lfg within the clan so much easier), and that you have fun and enjoy it here. We are adults only for a reason, meme room. We don't want it to get weird now, do we? Discord connects us. It connects us to the game as well as keeping us connected when we are taking a break from all the grind. That being said, meme room. We are all a great bunch of people and we are looking for more likeminded people to help build and grow this clan. We are adults here, so we all know life can always get in the way of gaming. We get it. If you have any questions, please feel free to message any one of our admin we are always happy to help. Eyes up Guardian. Moons haunted.



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