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9/26/2019 5:49:30 PM

Everything possible is going wrong when I try to move Destiny 2

I've been trying to move Destiny and link my account to Steam for forever now but I'm getting error messages I didn't even know existed. First when I tried to sign in with my blizz account it kept saying there was some kind of Authentication Error, and gave me an error code that didn't do anything when I searched it (ErrorHttpHandler). As you can see it FINALLY logged me in, but now it says it needs to send a verification email. I type in my email and it gives me some error about how it "cannot read property 'props' of undefined" and then shows me a screen like "we sent a verification to the email above!!" and the email address box is EMPTY. changed my email from that page and it finally sends the email, and then I click on the link and its all like ERROR something went wrong with the verification :(" And I don't know what to do every single frickin thing I click seems to send me to some new and wilder error and there's like two days left and I bought the 100$ VERSION OF THIS GAME PREORDER WITH THE DLC AND STUFF I DON'T WANNA LOSE IT TO SOME...RIDICULOUS ERROR please save me. thank you.



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