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9/21/2019 8:10:36 PM

LFG Problems

LFG Is Perfect


LFG Is Alright


LFG needs some work


So, I keep on running into a problem where I throw up a group or join one on the LFG Bungie provides, and then some random rages after the first death, wipe, try, etc. Honestly, it is frustrating, and there are no consequences for ruining other peoples experiences. I understand joining a group and finding out they lied, and the only Idea I have come up with it some sort of rating system for other people on LFG. Say a guy rages after the first try after yelling at everyone and then messing up? Give them a demerit. As they get more Demerits it displays in ranks, more demerits, lower rank. And then to get their rank up you can sherpa, if the person getting sherpa leaves a positive mark, it cancels a demerit. What if you join a group and they all stink, the same thing applies, give the group a mark and the leader will take it. It can go both ways. This isn't a complete Idea, but it is something. I am just getting fed up with these people leaving and making us spend 30 minutes scrambling to find one more person to meet our criteria.
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