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Ps4| Shadows of Earth™| Recruiting new members

SOE™ is looking to recruit new members. We are an active clan that completes all of our weekly engrams and raids on a regular basis. Although we are a fairly new clan, we maxed out our clan rankings in 3 weeks and have already created a close knit community of guardians who enjoy playing together and having fun with other clan members. Our requirements are as follows, Mission Statement: Our goal is to maintain a friendly and active community of guardians. We also want all of our members to become skilled at the game, whether it's skilled overall or specifically in either PvP or PvE. Rules and Regulations: 1. Joining Discord and registering with charlemagne is mandatory for all members. 2. Your nickname on the server must match your gamertag. 3. If you do not contribute and are not active within 1 week you will be kicked. Exceptions can be made if you speak with an admin. 4. Be civil with other members if your "toxicity" is your sense of humor make sure your doing it with like minded guardians. 5. Play with other guardians, if your just piggy backing off of the clan for rewards you will be kicked. 6. Dont be selfish, if your taught raids or activities by another member pay it forward and help the new/returning guardians complete some as well. 7. Any removal process, disciplinary action or promotion will be discussed by admins before a decision is made. If this clan looks like a good fit for you just click the link above or below, head over to our clan page and request to join.



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