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9/18/2019 9:44:57 PM

Gaming PC Build - Graphic Card for 1080p 60+ FPS Gaming?

Hi At the moment I have 1060 6GB. ASUS Zephyrus S. I can play most games on Ultra just above 60 FPS but there are times when this will drop below 60 to around 50~. Destiny 2 runs on Ultra and I get 60-80 FPS. I already have gaming monitor AOC AGON that supports 240Hz. I'm thinking of building a PC with; Ryzen 5 2600 16GB RAM NZXT 500W NZXT H200i What is a good graphic card that will allow me 1080p on Ultra @ 60FPS+? I've been looking at; AMD 590+ Nitro, Vega 64 or used market for 1070 or maybe even Ti Thoughts?



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