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9/18/2019 3:21:26 PM

PC NA 18+| The First Edict| Recruiting Members for Shadowkeep

Welcome to The First Edict! Are you sick of joining clans that have no personality? Do you want to make new friends, and play endgame content whenever you want? This is the right place for you. With Shadowkeep around the corner, we're looking to expand the clan, and make it easy to play for everyone. We're not a single activity focused clan, we do all PvP and PvE. Join us in knocking that ugly mug off Gahlran's head. For you more sweaty guardians we are looking to put together a team for Day 1 of the new raid Garden of Salvation. REQUIREMENTS: 1.Join the discord (mic required) 2.English only chat 3.Age 18+ 4.At least one guardian at 700+ light 5.You are expected to use the discord How do i join? 1.Upvote this post 2. Join our discord and follow the directions in the bot dm 3. Join one of our clan here: 4.Change your discord name to your battle net including #numbers About the Clan 1. Raid Lead with 100+ raid clears 2. Multiple members with flawless raid experience 3. Crown of Sorrow and SOTP Raid jacket owners 4. Member in the top 1000 for speedrunning on all year 2 raids 5. Multiple members with pinnacle weapons We hope to see you soon, guardian



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