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Last Fools [PC] [NA/EU] | Gear up for Shadowkeep | Cross save & Events | Sherpas | Casual/Hardcore Clan

[b]Welcome to Last Fools Gaming Community![/b] Last fools is accepting members! We are an active clan that will do a purge every month or so, then recruit to get rid of in-active members to ensure we always have an active clan! We are a clan based around endgame content such as Gambit prime, PvP and Raids! We are trying to grow our members right now as we just recently did a purge! If you enjoy any endgame content this clan is for you! We only have a few requirements for joining! - Have Raiding Experience, and have a guardian at least 740 power level. - Enjoy playing as a clan, as this is a community. If you just LFG all the time when you are in the clan then you will be Purged. - Use discord to communicate with other members, if you don’t use discord then you are not really in the clan. Upon joining you have 24 hours to join the discord or else you will be removed. [b]- Be 18+[/b] [b]- Speak English[/b] [b]- Respect each other[/b] If you meet all of these requirements and would like to join just comment on this post saying you requested to join and an admin will let you in shortly! As well if you could up-vote this post to pro-long its lifetime on trending that would help others see this post :) If the clan roster reaches 100 or it says clan full, we are still recruiting and have a spot for you, just msg me on or comment on the post and I will get you a spot :) Our PC clan is accepting new cross save players! Come be a new member! [i][b]Our goal?[/b][/i] creating a Awesome community for all our members. we are built upon Respecting each other, Maturity, Good players and Just plain out being helpful. Currently we are a growing small community with members all over the world. We know Destiny 2 is a changing game we understand some players need help from time to time or are just looking for a more experienced players to play with 1 | Upvote this post [url=]Click Top arrow[/url] 2 | Join Our Discord (A Must): 3 | If you are not in our discord your approval will be declined [i][b]PC LEVEL 6 CLAN[/b][/i] [url=]Last Fools[/url]



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