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9/18/2019 11:43:56 AM

PS4 | UK | GMT/BST Are you a Vex Offender?

Hello there we are currently looking for more guardians to join our small but active clan. You don't need to know how to raid or be a PvP god we are just looking for active players to run with in shadowkeep and beyond. Primarily we are 5 guys from Northern Ireland and we just have a laugh as we play but we're serious about Destiny too. Going forward we want to try raids day 1 and just tackle more endgame content as there is quite a bit to do in the game and especially in the future. Do you like a laugh and a joke? Can you take a joke? Are you not easily offended? You're likely to get on with us if so. We don't have a discord currently. We use WhatsApp to set up all play sessions but also as our forum for all destiny talk and sometimes memes. Anyway I hope you'd like to be part of The Vex Offenders List and if you need any more information you can message me here or on PSN @ lmmortalMachine << first letter is a lowercase L because I'm an idiot. Thanks.



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