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9/18/2019 2:20:25 AM

Do the Shadowkeep Deluxe bonuses transfer with cross-save?

From the pre-order page: [quote]FEATURES INCLUDE: All Standard Edition Content Four Season Passes, each offering unique and exclusive activities and rewards Exclusive Eris Morn themed items: Exotic Emote Exotic Ghost Shell Emblem[/quote] My question is this: Will these bonuses move with me to my cross-save platforms if I buy the Deluxe edition on my main platform? Or will they be disabled on the platforms you didn't get the deluxe edition on? I play on Xbox, PC, and PS4. I'd rather not buy the $60 edition 3 times if it can be helped. With the news of the seasons transferring through cross-save, I'm hoping to buy the $60 edition on my main platform, Xbox, and see all of those deluxe bonuses transfer to PC and PS4, where I'll just buy the $30 Shadowkeep-only edition. The main reason I ask is because pre-order bonuses from Vanilla D2 and Forsaken don't seem to transfer. I seemingly can't use the Vanilla pre-order sword on PC last week, and another person posted here saying they couldn't use their Cayde's Duds shaders on PC coming from cross-save on PS4. I've been asking about this whole thing on Twitter for a while and haven't heard any confirmation from anyone at Bungie, even through general google searches. Any info would be greatly appreciated.



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