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9/17/2019 5:12:23 PM

[XBOX1] [DISCORD] N.E.R.D.s are recruiting! Anybody’s welcome from newbies to seasoned Destiny players

Here’s the link to the clan page on Clan Name: Neva Except Ratard Dynamics or N.E.R.D.s for short Clan Hierarchy: Our N.E.R.D.s=Admin>Teachers>Crusty pants>Dudes>Basic -blam!->Scrubs. Clan Motto: Don't be a big ol Raaaaaaatard.... Mission Statement: We’re a clan that unites like-minded mature Guardians, those who enjoy helping others achieve their goals of completing PvE, PvP and end game content in a fun, yet professional manner. We aim to never leave a fellow clan mate behind and try to assist all members who ask for an extra hand in their activities. What we do: We are a U.S. based clan consisting of all US time-zones and even a few in the U.K. We play everything within Destiny: raids, strikes, nightfall, crucible(PvP), trials(if it ever comes back), Iron Banner, gambit as well as prime, the forges, the reckoning, the menagerie and anything else that needs to get done. We use an external chatting app called Discord, which is a free chatting app specifically for the gaming community, and it is extremely similar to twitter. This allows our leaders and members to coordinate events in advance and also plan on the fly at any time during the day or night. We are looking for players that are active both in game and if possible within chat. If you are not active in the Discord chat then no one learns who you are, making it difficult to make friends with your clan mates. So please only join if you are going to put forth the effort to be an active clan member. We also have expanded into different games such as Apex, Far Cry, Anthem, COD, Fortnite, Warframe, Titanfall, Overwatch, Division, Battlefield, For Honor, PokemonGo, and WoW. We do have Clan Requirements, if you or anybody else breaks the following Requirements it may result in dismissal from the clan: -You must have a Mic! Social games are pointless without mics -We do monthly clan scrubs to keep the clan active and alive. If you have not been actively playing with fellow clan members or not attempting to coordinate events with your fellow members, this could be means for dismissal -Respect your fellow guardians! We’re all from different walks of life so respect one another -Including clan members is a priority! All we ask is that you try your best to include your fellow guardian before resorting to LFG -Be mature, age is not a requirement. We don't exactly sugar coat things, so if you have to ask about an age requirement, we may not be the clan for you. -Download Discord and be an active participant! Discord is a free chatting app (like a clan Twitter) there will be a link below to find out more! And Most importantly: have fun. You get what you put in, if you aren't active in chat=you won't have fun. Discord Link - Overall Clan Mood: Our clan is very laid back, patient, and always willing to help. While we do take end game content seriously, we're all for shooting the breeze in the tower and just hanging out in party chat. We play the game for fun, and like to show new members just how much fun it can be when you have a clan to call home. Ideal Candidate: All we look for in clan mates is loyalty, honesty, a strong willingness to help others and above all respect to each other. That is what our clan was founded upon, and we plan to keep it that way in order to ensure that everyone enjoys their experience with N.E.R.D.s.   If you feel that the N.E.R.D.s life is a good fit for you and are interested in joining then please contact one of our admins (WlCKED ANGEL, Tankedturnip01).



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