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9/17/2019 6:42:50 AM

[X1/PC] Secret Raid Club – PvE Based Clan, Recruitment – OPEN

[u][b]About Us:[/b][/u] SRC was founded by a group of players united by destiny, the clan is made up of sociable and active guardians that all strive to help their fellow clan members with all types of destiny content from raids to strikes and even some crucible. Even though we are a mainly a PvE driven clan we dip our toes into PvP based content, we are always constantly looking to improve ourselves and the clan to be the best we can be. We used to be a X1 clan only but with the release of Cross save we have set up a PC division which we are looking to expand upon. [b][u]Language/Timezone:[/b][/u] English/UK (GMT +1) [u][b]Requirements:[/b][/u] The classic be active try and play destiny 2-3 times a week Own the current Season of content Speak English Be 25 or over [u][b]How to Join:[/b][/u] Joining is simple and easy, make sure you meet the requirements then jump into the discord that corresponds to your platform of choice. If you wish to join both X1 and PC please join the PC discord first then mention to an admin who will get you set up on the Xbox server. - PC Discord - Xbox Discord
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