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9/12/2019 5:07:52 AM

Should Recluse be nerfed?





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  • Silverdoveにより編集済み: 9/13/2019 11:53:03 AM
    I solo everything, which means i do not have recluse. I think the issue here is not that weapons need nerfing, but need to be accessed for all players. It may sound daft but when bungie creates quest steps that take you into the crucible it becomes game incorporated. Or the player has no choice if they like pvp or not. People may say that you do not have to do those quests, and to an extent i would agree. However if you count up quests and quest steps that lead you into pvp then a large part of the game is unwanted by players. Which brings me nicely to solo play, it is my preference, it should not be deemed a fault. This game needs to encompass every player to be able to gain every weapon making the playing field even. Nerfing something players earned is a punishment to those players working for a reward. Instead every weapon should have opportunities to acquire than just one set of parameters. I moan about catalyst drops in crucible, so i get my butt handed to me on many occasions. Now Bungie is amazingly tight fisted at allowing them to drop which adds to players frustration in an already frustrating game. Bungie needs to add fun back into the game. Give greater access to all players and play type. If a quest step takes into an mode such as crucible you should at least be armed with weapons suitable, and not feel like a lame duck. Titles can be earned, emotes can be earned but weapons fitted to one side of play puts it out of reach to other players. That way pvp players can brag about their prowess in crucible but that prowess will always be earned and not slaughter city because players do not get pinnacle weaponry. It would balance the game. Or remove weapons that create such chaos in pvp.



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