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9/15/2019 6:07:58 PM

Cross Save Collections

I'd like to talk about some of my grievances with the current state of cross save. I've been playing Destiny since D1, day one on Xbox. From the Google maps promotion, to the open beta. Then again with Destiny 2. A few of my friends moved over to Destiny 2 PC, and so I would soon follow. By this time, I decided to wait for Forsaken to do so leading me where I sit now... 1: First off, the big issue. On console, I had a lot of little exclusive things that I really liked. One of my favorite emblems being "First Wave", etc etc... [b]More importantly[/b] there are certain shaders/items that have been essentially locked out, from timed Eververse stuff, to forgotten Faction shaders. I do get not merging vaults and characters and inventories... but what about collections? Could collections of platforms ever be merged? 2: While this second issue is small, it comes with the territory: Restarting on PC of course means I have no Destiny 1 record. I always loved hearing those various callbacks throughout Destiny 2, from telling Devrim about House Judgement at the beginning to "Taken" on Io, it was satisfying to build this with my guardian(s). It would just be really cool if my PC guardians could also have this retrospect. TL;DR: Merge collections and Destiny 1 record linked to Bungie account for all platforms.



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