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9/15/2019 3:57:40 PM

US | Xbox one clan recruiting active guardians age 18 and up | Must join Discord and use it

The Shadow Keepers is a new Xbox One clan and we looking for active guardians to join us. Some of us are very active players to casually active gamers, therefore work, college and family always come first. We looking for gamers that are available in the following time zones MST, EST and CST that are willing to play with each other and play new and old raids in D1 and D2. YOU DO NOT NEED D1 TO BE IN OUR CLAN. REQUIREMENTS: MUST JOIN DISCORD AND USE IT We use discord for communication purposes only to interact with other guardians, to get help with pvp and pve challenges and schedule events such as raids. Joining our discord is a requirement for all clan members and use your gamertag please. Discord: can be downloaded from iTunes, on PC and Google store MUST AGE 18+ that are compassionate destiny players as we are. MUST have working headset/mic We don’t care how many times you die or hardly die or never die. We play Destiny to have fun and to have a good time. When we die - we get back up and try again. We don’t care about your kda/RA/ how many raids you did. We care for only one thing to have fun and enjoy playing with each other. We are a bunch of laid back, a patient, fun, caring, loving, humorous, helpful guardian that love playing destiny together. PS: I am a destiny addict Join our Xbox one clan The Shadow Keepers We guaranty to provide an enjoyable, none toxic environment, welcoming and helpful gaming experience. and we are here assist you with any challenges in PVP and PVE. We got you covered. All clan members are expected to leave their egos and negative attitudes at the door. We have a zero tolerance for elitist attitudes, bullying or anything offensive. We encourage you to be as active as your schedule allows. Ps. Family, college and work comes first. DESTINY CLAN WARFARE We are also part of DCW. Participation is completely up to you this is just to have some fun and laugh hard. So, if you are ready to join our family, then reply to MysticStorm0402 and ask for an invitation! Just be ready to bring on your inner nerd and have some fun. Thanks for reading and I hope you will consider joining our group!



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