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Excited for Shadowkeep? We are too! Our community, Dire Ahamkaras, is a clan filled with Destiny players from all skill levels and walks of life. Discord is the main source of communication for our 80+ members, where we strive to have a welcoming and inclusive environment. Our members individual schedules vary, but we have people active at all times of the day. Most of our activity happens in the evening, beginning around 6:00 PM EST. We are currently nearing capacity and are looking to add highly active and dedicated “omnivores”, raiders and PvP players to our roster that will engage heavily with our members and partake in any and all activites with their clan mates. In short, we are looking for people who love this game as a hobby and want a community of tightly-knit guardians to call home. Message me if this sounds like you. We’d love to add you to our ranks.



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