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Gravity’s Union is Recruiting! (PS4 & PC) NA

About Us:: We are a NA, mainly PS4 clan with a few members who play on PS4 and PC with the addition of cross-save. We have guardians across all of the NA time zones. The clan has hit max rank every season as soon as it is available. We have raiders. We have pvpers. We have gambit heads. We have some people who plays this game more than anyone should be playing any game. What We're Looking For: We’re a chill and experienced group looking for like-minded guardians to fill our roster. We’re looking for players who enjoy the game in its entirety including endgame activities. While we do have some requirements, we’re not too picky on who we let in the clan. Feel free to apply! Requirements: - Join and be active in our Discord as that is our main means of communication - Have a mic! - Play with clan mates! We understand if you may have to lfg for some things but we encourage you to check with the clan first for help or to fill your fireteam - Be active in endgame activities! (raids, comp, nightfall etc.) - Be mature and respectful towards others Our Clan Page: Thankss



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