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hello! Im TheX3noGamer also known as Xeno for short. I am 19 years old(also a gal and lives in Indiana USA)and willing to join any clan competitive, casual or even both. Im even looking for people who know how to do raids and willing to chill with! I just recently started playing forsaken yesterday(September 13) and will be pre-ordering shadowkeep. I have pretty good knowledge on destiny 2. And I'm not a carry I learn pretty quickly when needing help. At the moment I am just a hunter but might make a worlock and titan in the near future. My rank: 48 but will be 50 soon light level: 490(will be higher soon!) I hope to work towards a few exotics such as whisper of the worm(black spindle), sleeper, last word, ace of spades, outbreak and a few others including gear exotics. I haven’t done any destiny 2 raids yet but have watched a few videos on everyone so far. I dont care about if the clan is big or small as long as it’s actually active. I do want a clan that has 3+ people in it already maybe at lest 5+ active clan members preferably. You have to be chill though and not toxic. I only play on Xbox one mostly and do play other games besides destiny 2 such as monster hunter world, red dead redemption 2 and a few other games. But sometimes I do play on steam but don't have destiny 2 on there yet. My tags to contact me through. discord: TheXenoGamer#7790 Xbox:TheX3noGamer I will reply in about 24-48 hours of you commenting on this post. I hope you do the same as well



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