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9/14/2019 8:39:29 PM

(XB1) Secrets of the Void Looking for Dedicated Members

Secrets of the Void is an active clan full of chill and ambitious players looking to complete the many objectives that Destiny 2 has to offer. Our mission is to create a community where Guardians can receive help at a moments notice and not be hindered by the lack of an extra person. We group together, work as a well coordinated team and get things done. Clan roster looking empty?Always looking for someone to play with? Reach into the Void and take what you find. New to the raid or finding yourself constantly stuck at the boss? Let us give you the strength to efficiently complete damage phases with ease. Are you a team player? We will light your path to success. Is the nightfall giving you nightmares? We will add the light to your dreams. Experienced player wanting to spread your knowledge? Teach us what you know. [b][u]Requirements[/u] -Must have discord, it is our main outlet of communication. Use it often -Must be within Eastern or Central timezones -We are mainly looking for dedicated and skilled players who are willing to assist others within the clan -Be Active Consistently and help other members, Don’t be a ghost -Try to group up with other clan mates. We do better together [/b] An upvote a day keeps the haters away so give us an upvote if you’re interested Fill out this form here so we can consider your application. The Void is infinite, opportunities are endless...



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