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9/14/2019 2:28:07 PM

| xXShadowBringersXx | New PC/PS4 clan now recruiting | Veterans & New Light players welcome |

Hello fellow guardians, I would like to invite you to xXShadowBringerXx, this is a fresh new clan that has been geared up in preparation of the upcoming Shadowkeep DLC and beyond. We are a PC/PS4 clan looking for new member to join our family. I would like to clan to be very tight nit close to one another. But I need your help. Looking for any players who love "Destiny", doesn't matter if you play daily or weekly all I ask is that your present in some way wither that's in game or in chat. I have set up quite a few different features for the clan with more to come. Below you will find the links for various communities that you can join with the main chat being within Discord. This clan will not focus on just one type of activity but on all activities. Eventually I would like to plan weekly raids that will be open to all. The only rule is to not be TOXIC. Everyone must be respectful to others and most importantly let joke and have fun. If interested the clan is open to join and feel free to add me on Bnet: djcliatt2#1646 | Steam: djcliatt2 | PSN: djcliatt2. Discord: Steam Community: PS Community (Search): xXShadowbringersXx Thanks, djcliatt2



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