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9/13/2019 9:47:17 PM

[PC][NA] Valēre | PVP | PvE | Competitive | Discord

[PC][NA] Valēre | PVP | PvE | Competitive | Discord We are a PvP focused clan!.Our clan is looking for more LOYAL dedicated Guardians that want to build a clan with great teamwork and good relationships.We plan to strengthen our teamwork to make our clan even better!.We grind both PvP and PvE! Our Clan is focused on all aspects of the game: PvP, PvE, Raids, Crucible Here’s our clans webpage: [Valēre] <--Join us! In-Game Requirements ⦁ Players with at least 1.5 to 1.8 KA/D or more :D ⦁ Players with at least 500 Crucible - Quickplay/Competitive Matches. ⦁ Active,friendly,competitive Player ⦁ We have zero tolerance for players that abuse third-party applications (hacks/scripts), network manipulation or other ways to take advantage over legitimate players. ⦁ No Sketchy In-Game Background/History ⦁ Hardocore pvp & pve players How do we communicate? We use discord to talk to each other and plan things. This is the main way we communicate with each other in the clan. Discord Requirements - Clan Discord: [Valiancy/Valēre] ⦁ ACTIVE Discord Member ⦁ Friendly Member of the Community ⦁ Proper microphone/headset Here’s our clans webpage:[Valēre] <--Join us! :D



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