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9/13/2019 9:33:06 PM

D2 Dattokeep the Go Slow update the Good the Bad and the Ugly

So Dattokeep looks to be taking us back to Destiny 2 year one in alot of ways that i for one am not looking forward to. The good i see are the comp changes and solo comp playlist. I look very forward to those. New animation for 140 and 150 hc sound very promising although bungie never brings up bloom which they cleverly avoid like the plague. Supers being more killable in pvp is also a welcome change. This update and segmented TWABS and Luke Smith diatribes are filled with nerfs to every part of the game. This weeks twab clevery words overall nerfs that are presented as buffs which is right up Bungies deviously non transparent alley. No matter how you slice it those were 100% nerfs and not a buff to be seen in pve. Go watch Ehoars video and he can break it down for you if you need proof. So that goes under bad. Battle pass is not bad today but in one year i'm sure it will start to ruin the game the same the eververse has. And before you say that eververse has not ruined the game. Just think of all the resources that were wasted and systems changed to make the eververse work(shaders etc). The vendors that were sacrificed for the sake of the eververse(the sole reason we never get a vendor refresh). The wasted useless legendary Ghost, sparrows and ships the filled the overall inventory of this game that could have been armor sets and weapons. All to fill lootboxes with FOMO as a motivator to buy. Its scumbag corporate behavior. The fact that the moment i log in on 10/1 i would have acquired the best armor set in game due to battlepass is a huge TURN OFF FROM PLAYING. This goes under ugly RaiD has a reskinned failed eververse set as the armor with lights(whoopty dam doo) added. Has an incomplete weapon set and that all we know. And that in itself is demotivating. Iron banner armor also a reskin of a horrible set from earlier this year, its just lazy. And yes i'm calling the devs lazy. Don't like it, don't reskin armor that i paid for in the dlc and leave the amazing sets in the cash shop. Its scumbag corporate behavior. Overall there isn't much i'm looking forward too. logging in on 10/1 to find out my guardian has suffered a stroke overnight and is half the guardian he was on 9/30 is not motivation. But hey i get to fight Crota again so i have that i guess.



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