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CannibalRainにより編集済み: 9/7/2019 4:17:54 AM

Glory rank forced reset?

Like most, I've decided that I'll chase Revolker. In my head I told myself it'd be fairly easy to get. So with time, I eventually made it up to Brave 3 and danced back and forth and realized once I make it out of Brave I could get Recluse too. But that was during Solstice. I ended up taking a break due to family emergencies and issues and now that I have the time to come back and play a bit more, I had this idea that I could just jump back in... but I'm back to Heroic 1. So my question is this: is this a bug or a common thing for comp if you don't play for some time. I've never run across this problem and it's not like I don't have the proof of me hunting down the glory points. I've been trying to hunt down recluse since I noticed it and now I'm just kinda... "???" about it all.



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