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9/12/2019 10:08:14 AM

Bungie please make a solely PVP game

Bungie please make a solely PVP game like Call of Duty or Battlefield. I'm big fan of Destiny but the problem with it is that you have to play alot of PVE to get the weapons which are good in PVP and also the "Random Rolls" are back which is the most annoying thing in my opinion. I think there is no point of playing one activity for million times with zero change in it for getting a weapon which has a random chance to drop. There is a possibility that if some person wants some specific perks for some weapons but he may not get it even playing Destiny for 100 years. I have been playing Destiny 2 since from its launch and I like only the PVP part of it and playing this game alone. Meaning thereby my friends don't come on Destiny 2 to play with me because they say this game is so stupid because it requires so much grinding and we dont have that much time to unlock just a weapon. So my humble request is that kindly make a seperate title for PVP lovers which is just a plug and play game. Where there is no need to grind for weapons or PVE stuff. Weapons perks should be progression based and perks should be unlock by playing PVP and not by playing PVE and there should be no random element involved in game. If you guys do that may be it will become Esport as well because of fairness.



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