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9/12/2019 10:05:03 PM

Tarrabah will still be "Tarrahble" in Shadowkeep

Was kinda surprised to see that Tarrabah wasn't changed at all in the TWAB today. Currently it operates like Ace does: You put the weapon away you lose the perk. It's fine on Ace; it proks off of one headshot kill from a trash mob or guardian. On Tarrabah you need to kill anywhere between 6-7 trash enemies for it to prok, or 3-4 guardian kills, with a 750 SMG, against 150s and shotgun rushers. Tarrabah needs to keep the buff progress when it is stowed. This game relies a lot on swapping weapons in both PvE and PvP and that kind of hinderance on a low impact weapon is just terrible, and kind of stupid when theres a legendary in the game that does the same thing.



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