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Join Vanguard Shadow Ops (Requirements: Be Chill, 21+, Endgame Active, Social) [meme friendly]

[i][b]I have no idea how to convey our clan culture enough to convince you to join . It’s pretty hard to separate ourselves from the hundreds of “identical” type clans out there that you’ve been scrolling through for past ten minutes. [/b] [/i] We are a small, small group of adult (Group age > +21) endgame players that just want to chill drama-free in an environment filled with memes, drinking, smoking, and some of the nicest guys you can encounter in the game. All of us use to have that one clan back in D1 that was like a family. For some rhyme or reason, it fell apart. This clan is an attempt to recreate that family before Shadowkeep - bring back the good feelings back in the Destiny world. [b]What we love[/b] - Adults only (+21) - nice, helpful - talkative / social - focus on endgame content (PvP, raids/nightfalls / dungeons) - available to play at least once week 6 PM EST onward - discord highly highly recommended to organize events & meme purposes - positivity [b]What we hate:[/b] - Jerks - racists, elitists, trolls - Bad attitude / negative - Trash talkers [i][b]Look at the end of the day we all work and have busy lives. We just want an environment where coming after work to your Xbox is actually a fun, bonding experience to connect with your clansmen. We want to try and recreate that brotherhood vibe and would love for you to join us.[/b][/i]



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