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9/12/2019 5:35:10 AM

How Will Armor 2.0 affect collections?

It has been on my mind for some time. Perhaps it is paranoia, but I have been wondering how Armor 2.0 will interact with the collections menu. I think I recall that you have to go out in the world to earn the Armor 2.0 versions from vendors and activities. It's obviously not as big a problem with Year 2 armor pieces (randomly rolled perks means you cannot pull them from collections), but what of the Year 1 armor that you[b] [i]could[/i][/b] pull from collections. I have concerns because I've been on a grinding spree with my second and third characters on my account, trying to get as all the Year 1 gear (and Gambit Gear) that I can for them before Shadowkeep, if only for sentimental purposes.



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