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PeterParker150により編集済み: 9/11/2019 12:31:11 AM

Network Manipulation, Xbox. Advice on best way to report?

Was playing PvP on xbox and noticed that the roster of players I was about to face was a stacked team. Since it was Quickplay and I was trying out my new Austringer with Rampage and Eye of the Storm i decided to stay in the queue (wanted to test rampage and eye of the storm against tightly packed players). I was suddenly disconnected and couldn't log into Destiny 2 due to there apparently being no internet connection. I went and reset my modem and did a hard reset on my xbox, waited for a while and could log in again. Something about the whole thing seemed odd. Going through my game history on i saw I wasn't the only person who was disconnected from that game. I went through the game history for one of the people in the stacked team and saw that in a lot of games the players on the opposing teams from this player had people that had been disconnected also. The funny thing is that this was in Quickplay. You can tell from the persons stats that they're a team shooting stat farmer. If anyone can tell me the best way to report this it would be appreciated. Do i just file a report from their Bungie profile? Also not wanting to have a witch hunt but will provide details of the suspects if anyone wants to message me. Edit: Looking further it only happens when this person plays Quickplay



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