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9/10/2019 6:51:21 PM

[PC] Eternal Vigilance | 18+ | End-Game activities | New and Veteran players welcome! | Recruiting for Shadowkeep

Discord: How to join EVD2: Our clan: We have been active in everything Destiny 2 related since it's launch on PC back in September 2017. We don't just mean active after patches and content updates either. While many other clans have fallen over the years since release, we have stayed strong with members playing daily. Read on and discover what we have to offer and why we are built to last. You may also go straight to the source by clicking the links above. Eternal Vigilance (EV) is a multi-gaming guild that has been in existence for over a decade. We are an 18+ international community with a heavy presence in both North America and Europe, while also steadily building to a considerable presence in Oceania. EV as a whole is structured and organized in a way that allows us to constantly evolve as times goes on. However what never changes are our values. As gamers we value cooperation, ingenuity, teamwork, and determination. As a community, we value respect, maturity and a healthy sense of humor. As a guild, we value collaboration, structure, organization and strong leadership. Above all though, we value having fun in everything we do together. All of this combined makes EV a truly unique and amazing community to be apart of and we work very hard to maintain a quality community. What you can expect from our community: - Quality gaming community with zero drama tolerance. - A place for everyone, no matter your skill level or how much time you have available to play. - Skilled veterans of various genres. Who are more than willing to help both new players to the game and veterans improve. - Very team oriented with heavy use of voice communication (Discord). - Planned and impromptu meet ups in various games. - Fun is always our main objective! EV plays a wide variety of games throughout many different genres. For games we have a vested interest in, we utilize our “Portal” system which allows us to uniquely structure and organize ourselves to effectively accomplish our goals. Eternal Vigilance has been actively engaging in end-game activities since the game has launched. We have a very strong group of seasoned Destiny 2 players who are ready to jump head first into Shadowkeep. As with any gaming clan however, we have lost a few members due to disinterest or inactivity. So we are now doing a recruitment drive to replace those who are no longer active with us. Here is what you can expect from EV in Destiny 2: - Quality Teamwork, Coordination and Communication. - Weekly Raid and End-Game Schedules. - Active Discord channels where players both discuss and play the game together daily. - Leadership that is actively involved with the clan on a daily basis. For more information on EV and how to join us have a look here:



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