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Destiny 2

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Hope Undone

(page 62) Shadow steps away from the searching gaze of the Spider. She stalks up to Petra, who’s clearly waiting to speak with her. She stands there silently. “I'm sorry about Cayde,” the Queen’s Wrath starts. “He didn't deserve to...” She looks up, sighing. Not knowing what to say, Shadow remains silent. “And my people are in ruins. Those who knelt to Uldren, he slaughtered. The rest have scattered... But it's not too late for revenge.” Her eyes glint with bitterness. Perhaps there was one thing she and the hunter agreed on. “Here. This bow is for you, straight from the Vestian armory.” Shadow eyes the bow for hardly a moment. While she nods, she’s gritting her teeth, dismissing the gift in her mind. [i]I don’t need weapons from you.[/i] “Let's go set things right.” Shadow pauses, eyeing the awoken woman. “Right.” She turns to walk away, stopping after one step. She glances back at Petra with a searching, intense amber gaze. “Petra.” Petra’s eye remains on her. “I need to ask you something before I go.” “Sure. What is it?” She stands there with arms crossed, sounding guarded. “Do you have any idea what happened to Variks?” Petra raises her chin with a small sigh. “No. No one knows where he went.” For some reason, Shadow believes her. There was no reason for Petra to lie about Variks’s whereabouts. She seemed frustrated. Clearly she wanted to know as well. Satisfaction and hopelessness wars together in Shadow’s stomach. Before Petra can begin questioning her, she thanks her, and leaves with a flourish of her black cloak.



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