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9/9/2019 1:09:58 PM

Can't redeem Planet of Peace emblem

I recently bought a pin for the Rivensbane title, and I received a code for 2 emblems, Emblem of Synth and Planet of Peace. The problem occurs when the fact that the code for these emblems are one whole code, not 2 separate codes. Since I ordered the Crown of Sorrow raid jacket back in July, I received an emblem code for Emblem of Synth, and redeemed it to my account. So now, when I try to redeem the code I just received for ordering the pin, I am unable to redeem the code as I get the error message when redeeming the code "You already have this offer. You may view received offers in your Profile/Redeemed Codes. (2007)". I click Profile/Redeemed Codes, and see no new offers, only the Emblem of Synth from July. I've checked my in-game postmaster, the vault, inventory, and collections, and Planet of Peace emblem is nowhere to be found. I highly believe that this is due to the fact that the newly-received code includes an emblem I already have, and so I can't redeem it, although it also includes an emblem I don't have. This rightfully sucks, and would love to have this fixed, so I can get the Planet of Peace emblem. And no, I didn't give the emblem code to anyone else



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