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[XB1] [PC] Hyena Gamers Laid Back Clan

I'm on the look for people to help my clan grow [fat with numbers] because manually doing it by going into the crucible and trying to find people that way is harder than it seemed at first. This clan will focus primarily on PvE shit but wouldn't mind doing a little quickplay or comp match here and there. I ask a few things before anyone joins though: 1) Be friendly, please. Nothing is worse than joining a clan where you don't feel welcome! Being friendly even stretches off to help a new player or even help people who haven't done a certain exotic quest. Take the time to learn more about them and be close friends with them. 2) Don't leave raids without a valid reason. If you have work or school the next day and it's 5:00 AM, consider going to bed. We won't keep you up for a raid. (Especially me since I live in the EU) 3) Try to be active. Many people join dead clans and then stop playing since they have no one to play with. That and it's annoying to have dead weight in the clan. I don't know if that's too much to ask. And if it is, then don't join. I will make a discord for the PC group shortly after this post if anyone is interested. Let's scavenge for loot, guardians!



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