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9/8/2019 5:21:02 PM

Have you ever done a Raid with zero knowledge?

Well, as the title states: Have you ever done a Raid with zero knowledge? With Shadowkeep just around the corner, I was wondering if I was going to be able to group up with a team that had yet to experience any of the encounters, while also possessing very little to zero knowledge about said encounters. In all my previous experiences, members of my team have had experience with the raid we were playing so there was a lot of carrying going on and help being provided which was fantastic, but I want to be able to try it at least once with absolutely no insight. So, if you have - how difficult did you find it to discover the appropriate mechanics to progress? How much time did you invest? Is it your preferred way to play? Or if you're like me, and haven't had the chance to try a Raid without assistance or preexisting knowledge, would you ever want to make the attempt without the help? Or is just being a part of the experience enough?



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