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9/7/2019 10:56:16 PM

Looking for Crucible, Gambit, Endgame tryhards, casuals newcomers alike ready for Shadowkeep {ps4&xbox}

CLANTAGE from D1====> [b]Welcome to TGC, THE GAME CHANGERS, a clan that was established by a group of us back in the Alpha/Beta days of Destiny 1. Now with Shadowkeep around the corner, we want to welcome new members to the TGC family in the coming weeks that are excited as us and want to be part of a great clan thats been known in the Destiny world for a whileeee now. We got no spcial requisites to join , we just ask our member to remain active and always be willing to help out when in need and play with everyone in the clan when able to and to join our clan chat on discord! [/b] Needless to say we are a Very close community and eager to keep the Destiny 2 World Alive! Im the creator of said clan, and you can call me Deathstroke or by my psn name KaoticSkill (AKA KaO). We are looking for [b]PS4 & Xbox1[/b] players that want to join a fun and competitive clan that is built on the concept of teamwork! Yes TEAMWORK a lost art at times but nonetheless we try to encourage it as much as possible. My vision for this clan is for any member to log in at any given time and see people online they can rely on to do any task and be ready to help each other when in need. Its requires every single one of our members' commitment to stay Active not only in the game but in talking with each other and building team bonding experiences and stories. I also want to challenge our member to remain competitive in Crucible or even Raids and look to improve their skills no matter what so they can challenge ANYONE in our paths. [i]ITS ALL ABOUT SHARING OUR SUCESS WITH One another AND PUSH EACHOTHER TO DO BETTER AND REACH OUR GOALS AS A TEAM. We want to welcome YOU into our huge family and make special everlasting memories together. [/i] Here is our link for our clan page: The Game Changers: [url=][/url] DISCORD SERVER: ITS IMPORTANT THAT you request to join discord server first before you can be acceptes into the clan after you submit your clan request and we will reach out to you! [spoiler] If you read this far then you are a real game changer haha and I thank you for that [spoiler]



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