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9/6/2019 8:02:13 AM
If you have a Special GL with Implosion Rounds and slower velocity, then use that. Get used to Remote Detonation. Just single jump (hop) and aim short of the target, kinda at an angle you might want to hit a tennis ball if you were serving. Let the round’s bounce inform you when to detonate ontop your target. If you are consistently hitting your 140s with Fighting Lion and 180s with Special Ammo GLs then I definitely recommend Y1 Orthrus Heavy GL. It’s damage profile does 230-ish from the explosion damage alone and has a very wide Blast Radius with Black Powder. It can pick up DBL kills easily. Works just like the other Remote Detonation GLs. If you aren’t doing well with Remote Dets, then Volatile Launch and High Explosive Ordinance on Adaptive Frame GLs is next best bet. It gives you that forgiving 230 Explosive Damage but the round will explode wherever it hits. Wait for Heavy in Control Game Mode or especially Iron Banner and you’ll catch 2 or three people on flags often. Jump up high and shoot down on the Flag. Hope that made sense and maybe helps



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