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TCE | Skyburners Open Recruitment NA PC Roster (Cross Save Community)

(Our Ice Reapers Legion has the last remaining spots for some of the cross save players. So we opened up a brand new roster! If you join make sure to understand Skyburners JUST opened up, but you have access to all players in the discord. So don’t be discouraged by that.) Cabal leaders bringing you down? Are you always dying to the same Guardian that’s reviving himself out of nowhere? Then The Cabal Empire WANTS YOU! DISCORD IS OUR MAIN SOURCE OF COMMUNICATION. So please keep that in mind! Upon leaving a comment we will send you a private message with our Discord Link. Just follow the steps and a Leadership member will do the rest! What TCE | Skyburners offers our players: •NA Playerbase that is very active from early mornings, afternoons into the evening hours (PST, MST, CST, EST) •Leadership Role Advancement •Over 500+ raid completions (that’s just from 3 leadership members) •Raid Training •PvE Events (Every month brings a new major pve event) •PvP Tournaments •Strategy guides from community content creators •Promotional channels for those who put the time in to help others in the community. What TCE| Skyburners is looking for: •Those who consider Destiny 2 their passion •Day 1 Content players •Activity in the discord chats •Honesty •Daily Grinders •Weekend Warriors •Willingness to help fill in a spot for a raid team, pvp team or exotic quests. •Guardians that challenge themselves and want to low man or attempt day 1 raids •Guardians who enjoy patrolling and using voice chats to just have fun If The Cabal Empire | Skyburners sounds like a fit for you, leave a comment and our leadership team will respond! Thanks for taking the time to show interest, Legend



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