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9/2/2019 7:49:10 AM

The Mockery Triumph bugged/too hard for the 10 LFG teams I’ve gone through

I have completed every triumph for the Shadow seal including all of the heroic menagerie bosses defeated flawlessly. I only have the safe haven triumph to complete. I have put 40+ hours solely on trying to get this triumph done. For one it’s impossible to find anyone who wants to do menagerie anymore then it’s even harder to convince them to keep doing the first encounter and backing out until we can get the mockery. The mockery encounter spawn is absolutely horrid. I have to load in and out 15+ times just to get it once. Then when we finally get it for one it is a very hard encounter to complete the objective with all three havens. Then to actually complete it properly 3 times and not have the triumph complete is a straight smack in the face. To say I’m livid and beyond frustrated is an understatement. This is completely ridiculous and truly makes me want to go ahead and get a refund for shadow keep and uninstall this game for good. Bungie please do something about this I just want my shadow title that I have put in the work for and this stupid triumph is keeping me from getting. If someone knows of a better way to report these things to Bungie please let me know.



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