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Destiny 2

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Why the Bond Brothers strike is the definition of a good destiny strike.

"Funny story: Remember that Centurion Oryx took right after you landed on the Dreadnaught, then the Centurion and the taken Ogre tried to stop you from killing the King? Heh... didn't work. So the Centurion's bond brothers are pretty angry they lost their commander. They're leading a team to blow up the Dreadnaught's core. Core goes... most of the system goes with it. You're going to make sure that doesn't happen." -Cayde 6 The Shield Brothers strike from Destiny 1 was by far one of my favorites. It had everything I expect a good strike to have. I will go into full detail on why I love it so much. So the Shield Brothers Strike starts with you trying to find two high ranking Cabal attempting to destroy the Dreadnought. While you might think it’s okay because who likes the Dreadnought anyway. To our knowledge destroying the Dreadnought would cause an explosion so large that half the system would go with it. So you run through the ship killing Cabal and taken. Then the Cabal are like [b][i][u]RELEASE THE KRAKEN[/u][/i][/b] and a tank comes out and is all like [b][i][u]PEW PEW MOTHER[/u][/i][/b] [Censored] So you destroy the tank and any remaining Cabal, then head to the bridge. Short version: The boys aren’t there. Long version: You watch taken and Cabal fight for 15 minutes to see who gets control of the bridge. [spoiler]Taken won 7-2 better luck next time Brazil[/spoiler] Walk some more and you come across the Core. My first reaction was to attempt to steal the core and use if to level up the Equipment level on my lvl 30 Rogar in age of magic. [spoiler]i couldn’t steal it :([/spoiler] Then the first bother come out. And he’s like [b][i][u]ALRIGHT STOP THROWING SHIT OR EVERYONE’S GOING HOME.[/u][/i][/b] The first brother uses melee attacks to decimate anything in his way. Your team’s titan was most likely pissing in his boots when he saw a Cabal with a bigger sword than his. After getting him to half health he runs away. Valus Tlu'urn: Why haven’t you killed the smelly humans yet? Valus Mau'ual: You don’t understand. They are all hunters. Valus Tlu'urn: You can’t do anything right can you? Valus Mau'ual: WOW! Just like my parents. I’m sorry I disappointed you DAD! Valus Tlu'urn: Fine, i’ll do it myself. The player has a good idea of the move set the boss has and they should be ready for round 2 right? WRONG! Valus Tlu'urn comes out instead! Valus Tlu'urn: You thought you would be fighting Valus Mau'ual did you? [b][i][u]BUT IT WAS ME VALUS TLU’URN! REEEEEEEEE![/u][/i][/b] Now the player must fight a new battle. Instead of keeping your distance, you must close the gap. The farther away you are, the worse the artillery will get. Again once he loses half his health he leaves too. The player is thinking: Alright now I know both move sets, the next one that comes out will be a piece of cake. [b][i][u]BUT THEN THE -blam!-ING MUSIC KICKS IN AND BOTH OF THEM COME OUT![/u][/i][/b] Valus Mau'ual: Launch the Artillery! Valus Tlu'urn: But Sir our troops! Valus Mau'ual: [b][i][u]JUST DO IT![/u][/i][/b] Artillery is raining from the sky, your team is in a panic. The Cabal are in a panic. The hive are frantically trying to get in and disarm the bomb. Explosions everywhere stuff dying everywhere all the while everyone was screaming [b][i][u]HELP ME![/u][/i][/b] Out of no where one of the brothers collapses with a mighty [i][b][u]THUD![/u][/b][/i] One of your teammates must’ve landed a stray sniper shot. The fight must be easier now right? [b][i][u]THINK AGAIN![/u][/i][/b] Instead of two big angry space turtles we now have [b][i][u]ONE GLOWY RED EYED ENRAGED SPACE TURTLE, WITH A MORTAR AND A HUGE ASS MACE! [/u][/i][/b] Artillery everywhere death and destruction the whole ship is falling apart at this point oh god the artillery. Then [b][i][u]BANG[/u][/i][/b] Valus Tlu'urn is dead. [b][i][u]BUT WAIT THERES MORE![/u][/i][/b] His body explodes! Killing your whole team because you couldn’t wait 2 seconds before grabbing the engrams he dropped. Loot wise it’s pretty good we got Actual strike specific loot mainly titans get the boss gauntlets and there’s also a scout rifle that people said was the best in the game. Nurf titans! Edit: Oops it’s in lore my bad.



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