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8/31/2019 9:19:09 PM

Issues with linking Destiny 2 accounts

sooooo.... I got this email in my inbox. touting the move of Destiny 2 from to Steam. me having not played the game in about a year. maybe less. didn't know a single thing about the cross-save feature that seemingly rolled out while I wasn't paying ANY attention at all... Normally I wouldn't care... Some back story though. On Xbox-One I had a fairly large amount of hours logged when through some garbage error Xbox customer service basically told me I had lost the usage rights to the game I bought on their marketplace... MONTHS of back and forth garbage later I was told there was nothing they could do to give me access to the game I had bought and rather than start ENTIRELY over on a different console because screw Xbox and their legalized piracy. I quit. This past December around Christmas... If I recall correctly... Destiny 2 Forsaken and all DLC's prior were given away FOR FREE on some online website... Considering I had made the switch from console to pc I wanted to have an out in case anything like a cross-save function were to ever come around. So... I picked it up because I just LOVE destiny. At least I did... so that brings me to my colossal screw-up of an issue. I clicked on the email link which brought me to in prep of making the switch. It did not give me a chance to link it to an already made account and instead made me make up a new one. Realizing I already had an account after-the-fact, I scrambled to see if there was a way to de-link (unlink?) my pc account from the "new" account so I could re-link it to my already made account from yeaaaaars ago. I couldn't find a single answer anywhere. Thusly my question. Is there a way to unlink a destiny 2 account on pc from a BRAND NEW account on so that I can re-link it to my ACTUAL long-standing account with regarding D2? I'd be sorely disappointed and thoroughly upset if there is not a way to do that. As I'd feel robbed of my opportunity to get back into the game with an account that i've had since the very start of destiny 1



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