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8/31/2019 11:28:47 AM

Bad juju not annual pass

Okay so when bad juju came out almost all of my friends including me were disappointed because we thought that bad juju was annual pass content Wrong We didn't bother much with the calus quests as we thought that we'd grind without a reason and that we'll end up needing annual pass and in the end raging it came out to be the other way around,we started the quest and unlocked the menagerie and as some of you know your first menagerie run is free and after the first time menagerie completion you'll get the golden hero (maybe I got it wrong xd) questline which will unlock the tribute hall,from there on complete tributes and the last mission with the essence and you'll have the bad juju In short No annual pass needed for the bad juju People think you need annual because they completed the menagerie before the bad juju came out and thus have locked the menagerie with the annual pass before the exotic came out... :)



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