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Shadow: Curse of Osiris (page 58)

Satisfaction rolls through the hunter's stomach. She furrows her brow. Vance had practically refused her any information on Variks— or he really didn't know, or care, where Variks was. Which made him useless to Shadow either way. If she couldn't get information on Variks from him, she would find solice in preventing Vance from speaking with someone HE desperately wanted to see.      "I can't believe you didn't introduce me to Osiris! Remind me how many books you've written-..." He rambles on, the awoken woman tuning him out easily with a bored expression on her pale face.      Shadow turns as she's walking out, casting a smirk over her shining, black-armored shoulder. Her amber eyes glitter in satisfaction. "Remind me how close you were to Variks again? How much time... did YOU spend with him?" She chuckles softly to herself as she exits. I'll find Variks on my own, she murmurs to herself. [spoiler][spoiler]enjoy this little something to hold you over, because we’re finally about to dive into forsaken... I’ve been waiting a very long time to finally write more in depth stories between Shadow and Variks, and especially develop their relationship, so keep your eyes open for it if you’re interested! xoxo [/spoiler]



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