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8/27/2019 8:11:00 AM

Wish Solstice Gear could still be upgradeable (RIP Hunter Set)

In the past 3 weeks, I’ve been on the grind for the full Legendary Majestic set for all 3 classes. Guess who didn’t make the cut? Yeah. I’m a working man. Worked close to 80 hours per week, these past 3 weeks. Nearly 240 hours of my life working. I used to be a hardcore collector of loot, gear, and all things shiny. With the second solstice event, I was excited to get my hands on the new gear in time. But with wasting my first 2 weekends of the event grinding my Warlock to legendary set for the Triumphs, I had VERY LITTLE time this past weekend to get the Titan set done, thanks to the newly nerfed grind steps on mini-bosses, barely making it Sunday evening. Started the Hunter that evening, but had no time left in the evening to get halfway done. So off to bed, worked a 19.5 hour day (I’m in the filming industry and the days are awful). Got in tonight, been playing for the past 2 hours and STILL don’t have the gear to blue yet. The ONLY thing that made me throw my hands in the air were the Crucible/Gambit matches. They take MUCH LONGER than the old 100 mini-bosses step pre-patch. Why? Because when you hit Blue gear, YOU STILL HAVE TO PLAY ANOTHER 10 GAMES OF GAMBIT TO PROGRESS! Who thought this was a great idea!? Gambit sucks! Sweats galore, matches can last longer than 10 minutes, and most teammates are AFK or have no clue how the game mode works. I’ve got another early day tomorrow, working ANOTHER 15+ hour day. There HAS to be a way to earn this gear to legendary, even if the sacrifice is not being able to masterwork the gear. Give the casual player base some help here Bungie. I’d like to still complete it this set. Extend the event another week! Help us casuals/working men and women out. The grind for this year’s Solstice event was grindier than last year’s. I managed to snag the set last year for all 3, but if nothing is done, might as well delete the Hunter for Shadowkeep and try out new light for the character......



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