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8/28/2019 2:41:07 PM

Should Bungie make all armour in our collections Armour 2.0 variants?





Right now, the system for Armour 2.0 has a lot of potential for customising our guardians and letting us mod our armour to our preferred playstyles. But with the new system on it's way, it's going to make most of our Year 2 armour pieces worthless, because we won't be able to obtain new versions of them (like all the Iron Banner sets, our old Trials sets and Faction Rally sets). Or could we...? Bungie needs to let us pull our armour from our collections, and have THOSE become Armour 2.0 versions! They've already said "...if it can be obtained [i]after[/i] Shadowkeep releases, it will be an Armour 2.0 version...", so why don't they just let us pull out all of our favourite armour sets anyway? They won't be random rolls anymore, they'll just be static Armour 2.0 versions with various fixed elements on them! Bungie shouldn't just cast aside all those armour sets and let them gather dust in our collections. We're still a month out from the release, so there's still a chance they could make this happen!



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