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8/27/2019 5:23:28 PM

Consistent freezing-crashing with memory(?)-related errors

Hey, Over the past week especially I've been crashing pretty consistently; usually consisting of my screen freezing suddenly while doing any activity and requiring me to end the task in task manager so I can just relaunch the game. I've looked at all the crash logs and it always reads exception_access_violation (the most common) or exception_illegal_instruction (happened once, but is the most recent). The descriptions in the crash report usually have to deal with issues reading/writing to specific addresses in my memory, but it is not always the same address, and a memory test of my RAM showed an error at a different address than the addresses brought up in the crash report. I'd assume it is a RAM issue, but after closing the game and rebooting my computer continues to function normally, so I'm at a bit of a loss trying to understand exactly what is happening. If anyone has any understanding of this issue and might be able to help that'd be great, as searching over the past few days hasn't helped me find anything similar. I'll include an image as an example of what the crash reports usually say, and can include more of them (as well as the memory test results) if necessary. Worth noting that this has only happened in destiny, but every other game I play/general use hasn't had the same results. For basic info, I'm using Windows 10 with an i7-3770k, a GTX 1070 founder's, as well as 16gb of ddr3 corsair vengeance RAM (1600mhz). Thanks!



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