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8/23/2019 1:20:42 AM

PlayStation account selected as primary during cross save but account is showing as primary 122 day lock out... of all destiny gaming... wth

During the setup of cross save i revived an error which i stupidly didn't write down, upon refresh it showed cross save enabled but my battle net account (which does not have any characters was set as my active account). I did not select it as i only have characters on PSN (I do have the base game and used it to link my steam etc so I can play on PC with my PSN account). I am now unable to unlink any accounts or deactivate cross play, i cant use my PSN account anymore either as my one overrides and shows no characters.... What in the actual frack happened??/ When attempting to turn off cross save i get an error about recent silver purchase and i will now have to wait 32 days to unlink and an additional 90 days... this is really a black eye on the whole process for me, i get there will be bugs but a 4 month penalty for a glitch during the process is just plain lame.
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