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ReclusiveRychuにより編集済み: 8/23/2019 8:23:00 PM

Exotic Primary Recurve Bow Concept

What up fam! So I'll start off by saying I absolutely love that bows were added to Destiny! I shoot olympic recurve archery irl as a hobby, so it was amazing when they announced bows would be a new weapon type! Spiteful Fang is bae. I have noticed something though... there isn't a single exotic recurve bow. There are currently 3 exotic bows in the game, two of which are compound bows (Trinity Ghoul & Le Monarque) and the other which is a long bow (Wish Ender). It should come as no shock that my love of bows leans heavily towards recurve, so while the current exotic bows are nice, they just dont speak to me. And come October 1st (spoiler up ahead) [spoiler]there will be another bow added, a heavy compound bow... yet another compound bow. Don't get me wrong this bow is gunna be awesome,[/spoiler] but I still deeply desire an exotic recurve bow, preferably kinetic since there are already two energy bows. So here is my concept for an exotic recurve bow: [u]Perk #1[/u]: [b]Shift[/b] - [i]Causing damage with this bow increases melee damage for a short time[/i] (lasts 5 seconds, cooldown 5 seconds). [u]Perk #2[/u]: [b]Follow Through[/b] - [i]Melee kills while Shift is active trigger health regen[/i] (cooldown 15 seconds) Perk names are still up in the air, but the main thing that this exotic overcomes is the inability for recurve bows to hit a body shot and follow it up with a melee, doing this on a recurve bow leaves the enemy with a sliver of health and usually results in the bow wielder dying. Now don't get me wrong I don't think that should change for normal recurve bows, I like the extra layer of skill needed to succeed with a recurve. But if an exotic came around that helped this downside of recurve bows all while taking up an exotic slot to do so, well then you have a pretty cool bow, and with the added benefit of triggering health regen, oh man to me this sounds amazing! Here's where the balance comes around: the cooldown. The cooldown is KEY because we don't want this bow to be about the melee's, just running around body shotting and meleeing people. This needs to be about the bow. Using the perk to get out of tricky situations such as when someone rushes you and you're in CQC. SO cooldowns need to be longer to keep this bow in check. I feel that Shift lasting 5 seconds and then having a cooldown of 5 seconds will keep this bow from being a "run around and just body shot melee people", and then having a long cooldown on the health regen insures that this bow doesn't get too crazy. Anytime you have health regen things can get really strong real fast. (The regen could also be switched out for a health bump, which honestly might be more beneficial, but that's also up in the air) I would love to hear the community's thoughts on this. Any cool perks you guys would want to see on an exotic recurve bow? And if anyone from Bungie sees this, it's all yours! Edit: Oh also some great side perks would be Elastic or Polymer String, Fiberglass Arrow Shaft or Straight Fletching, and of course Archer's Tempo.



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