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8/23/2019 6:26:38 AM

Exotic Hunter Cloak: Spine Sorrow

Name: Spine Sorrow Armour Type: Exotic Hunter Cloak “You were always so afraid Shin would get you.” Intrinsic Perk — Feed the Devourer: Higher resistance to poison damage. When critically wounded, Thorn’s magazine size increases and damage dealt by Mark of the Devourer heals wielder. Lore: “You were always so afraid Shin would get you.” “You think the rest of us all agreed with their little plan? Before them we killed, we hunted, we put out lights in the name of the greater power that He discovered. One that could even outgun the pure and steadfast Jaren Ward. I am here to tell you—You—Guardian, that the Usurper with the Golden Gun doesn’t speak for us. He convinced Cull and Bane, and thought he could decide what Dredgen Yor’s legacy was? No. Know this, the true Shadows of Yor live on, and our Thorns cut deeper than theirs. I’m proof that you don’t need the light to live anymore. Maybe you remember me? Come find us. Friend. Power awaits.” — An Old Dredgen



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