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8/22/2019 9:33:19 PM

Gambit Disconnects at an All Time High (Error Code: Beet) [Xbox]

I don't know what's been up lately, but for the past 3-4 weeks Gambit has been f*cking ridiculous. Maybe 1 out of every 3-4 matches I start I will be kicked from during the black-screen period between flying in and the Drifter's cutscene starting, almost always with an Error Code: Beet. This is incredibly frustrating, especially with having to run at least 10 matches on each character for the Solstice Armor. Add on to that the fact that even if Destiny automatically kicks you, it still issues you a warning and possibly a suspension, on top of not giving you the option to rejoin, and you have quite possibly the most idiotic matchmaking system ever devised. I just got auto-kicked from 4 consecutive matches while loading in, and now have to deal with a suspension because of the shitty matchmaking. It's also definitely not a personal connection issue, as I haven't experienced any trouble of this kind with any other part of the game, and this same issue has been happening to my clanmates recently as well. What's up with this, and can we see the suspensions put on hold until this is fixed?



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